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Welcome to Red Triangle Games! In January 2020, RTG went to Pax South in San Antonio, Texas to show off our upcoming game, Axe Cop, based on the comicbook. While at the convention there were thousands of people there and countless people played the game. Everyone fell in love with the look and feel of the game. This was the biggest milestone that RTG has done. Being able to attract players with other big developers with our game that was built on the OHR.RPG.CE was beyond honorable. One of the best things about the convention was being able to announce the release date, of Thanksgiving, which goes along with an Axe Cop joke as well.

Featured Titles


Fight all of the bad guys! Axe Cop and his team of colorful characters must go on an epic adventure, that covers his ten-year comic book history, to rid the world of all bad guys once and for all! .


Beat your vegetables before they beat you in this epic globe-trotting RPG starring Mr. Triangle! Available on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Razer and Steam.


Surf your way to victory in a town that never sleeps! As the cute brown dinosaur you must learn the value of yourself as you surf against fierce opponents to save your true love. Available on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Razer and Steam.