• Genre: RPG/Simulation
  • Release Date: 8/19/2016
  • Availability: Steam, Google Play

Ride waves to success in a game that never sleeps!

As this dinosaur, you must undergo the underdog's journey and overcome your rival the only way you can, by surfing. Surfasaurus is a community simulation video game, in which you live in a tropical island town as a lovable brown t-rex, carrying out various tasks and working towards being the 1st ever surfing dinosaur! The game simulates the game systems' internal clock and calendar to project a realistic passage of time. As the brown dinosaur, you'll interact with various people and see the town come to life throughout your playing. There's a lot to do and a lot to customize, a basement to fill with posters and dolls, trading cards to collect, surf boards to select, and special costumes to wear. You can participate in weekly events, such as shopping, trivia games, card trading and more. Follow us on facebook for clues to getting an exclusive costume!

After the introduction to the game, you are free to explore the town and begin your journey to being the best surfer. You'll need to raise money, collect surf badges and enter in tournaments. If you are lost in the introduction, be sure and locate Larry, he'll be in the store until the intro is over. The intro has you creating a gym membership, selling garbage and collecting a surf board. The important part of the intro if you're lost, is to find Larry. He will always tell you what you need to do.

There are two ways to accumulate more energy when you've run out. First, you can wait until the next new day and your energy will automatically be refilled back to 100%. If you don't want to wait, you can spend gold and go to the restaurant and buy a meal. Meals restore energy. If you manage to win a trivia round, you can use a gift card for any free meal.

There are tons of ways to get money in the game. Picking trash and selling it to the Power Plant or picking shells and selling them to the mermaid are free things that don't require energy. If you pick bananas, it uses energy but you'll get more money by selling them at the restaurant. You can also sell items, win puzzle challenges, or win tournaments to get money.

Don't mistake this for restoring energy. To raise your total energy, you'll need to work out in the gym. You can only raise a gym stat once per day, so working out too much just burns more energy than you need to use. Use each machine once, every day, for five days. On the fifth day your energy will be raised permanently.

First, impress all six judges in town at different times of day. Afterwards, talk to Larry and he'll then let the cashiers at the store sign you up. Once you pay the entry fee, you're free to participate. You'll need to take the ferry to the surf site and you can do so as often as you want until you either win or lose the tournament. If you lose, you can redo that tournament, but you must restart from the beginning and pay the entry fee again.

Some items, like trash, bananas, shells and fossils are around just to make extra money by selling them. Other items you can give to people on their birthdays. If you give them their favorite gift, they will reward you with their town trading card. To check favorite gifts, look over and study the town trading cards you can purchase at the store.

The goal of surfing is to get a higher score than your opponent. Each judge likes a different range of moves. Memorizing these likes and dislikes is crucial to being able to pick winning moves on the fly based on any judge line-up. A judge will only award top value points to a move one time in a surf session. For instance, Sara's favorite move is Beachball. She gives 25 points for it. If you do Beachball twice, she will give you 30 points, 25 for the first time, and then 5 for any repeat move. All judges give a default of 5 points for any move or repeat move unless they specifically dislike that move. If you are curious about surf judge scores, check out the Surf Judges menu below for a detailed breakdown of each judge's move values. You must always pick three moves, and as long as you have the energy to match the number when selected, you'll perform them. If you run out of energy your dinosaur will be exhausted during his surf session for that move.

The game runs on real time, so to access certain things you'll need to comply to their schedules. The store runs from 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday and is open 10am-4pm on Sundays. The Power Plant is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm. The Gym is open 8am-8pm every day. Characters like the Puzzler and Harold are only around at certain times of the day, but are available every day. The ferry is always in town for two hours. It runs every two hours from midnight (in port 12am-2am, is out of port 2am-4am).

Every Sunday two apes will come to town from 8am-6pm. If you visit them in the yellow tents north of the shop they will have different items for sale. If you check the bulletin board outside the shop it will tell you which ape is coming to town that given weekend. Green Gorilla sells trading cards, Red Gorilla sells room decorations (posters, dolls, etc.), Blue Gorilla sells surf boards, Yellow Gorilla sells bananas, and Purple Gorilla sells costumes.